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About Us

About Air Technology

Founded in 1987 by Eric Harding, Air Technology have established ourselves as one of the UK's leading, independent provider of energy saving solutions, troubleshooting and project work in the fields of compressed air, water and inert gases.

Air Technology have evolved a range of expert skills and services designed to meet industry's ever-growing need to conserve energy and increase reliability. Put simply, we do this by identifying and proposing measures for improving operating efficiency and productivity, thereby saving money, reducing pollution and avoiding the wastage of the earth's valuable natural resources.

Companies from every sector of industry commission our services.
Our work takes us from deep underground to far out to sea - right around the world.

Since the early 2000s the company developed our services in the wastewater industry – we are now proud to be framework partners with some of the largest water companies in the UK.  
Our work is primarily in aeration optimisation and project delivery.

Our Values

We at Air Technology believe in our core set of values


We have professionally qualified staff at our core.


We’re a measurement-based consultancy – we have company owned equipment to gather our data.


We follow the data in an unbiased way.


We are not owned, or influenced by any manufacturer/supplier.


At Air Technology we are proud to have worked with such a wide range of companies


At Air Technology our team hold a wide range of certifications so you can rest assured that we will carry out our work exactly as intended.