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Compressed Air Systems

Compressed Air Systems

Air Technology are globally acknowledged experts in Compressed Air Systems.  Our work covers all aspects of a compressed air system from generation to end user.  

We have a wide range of techniques that allow us to deliver our services in any industry.

We are a partner with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and developed and delivered their Compressed Air Systems Optimisation (CASO) programme in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, and Ukraine.

We offer:

Compressor Performance Tests (FATs / SATs)

Knowing how your compressor id performing allows you to make strategic decisions to optimise process and
better size new equipment. We can use our tried and trusted techniques to determine the output of your
compressor accurately on site.

We can test to ISO1217, PTC10, IDO5389 using our calibrated flow tubes or insertion flowmeters.

Testing can be minimally invasive, being performed whilst still delivering air to process in many cases.

Demand measurement via Flowmetering / Powermetering

We have an array of flowmetering equipment which is calibrated in house and traceable to national standards.
With this equipment, and using our in house hot-tapping techniques we can install flowmetering in your
compressed air system to accurately determine your overall demand profile, or that of individual areas.

Our loggers capture data every second and can be installed for over a month.

Compressed Air Validation (ISO8573 / Euro GMP)

We have the capability to validate you compressed air system for microbial, hydrocarbon,
moisture (dewpoint), and particulates.

Our laser particle counter discerns to 0.3microns, all other equipment i capable of class 1 ISO8573 capture.

Ultrasonic Leak Detection

Leaks on average account for around 30% of the demand in a typical factory.

We have developed techniques to allow us to estimate to within around 10% using ultrasonic methods the
level of your leakage - this can usually be done whilst the process is running.