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diffuCLEAR - diffuser performance improvement

What is diffuCLEAR?

diffuCLEAR is a major new service offered by Air Technology, global experts in the management and optimisation of compressed air.

Secondary sewage treatment through the aeration lanes is a particularly energy intensive process, so it is vital that it continues to operate as efficiently as possible throughout its service life. diffuCLEAR from Air Technology is a new service that economically and effectively remediates and improves the performance of the critical diffuser arrays in aerated sewage treatment beds, reducing and removing both scale and biofilm and improving bubble formation through the application of carefully selected acid cleaning chemicals.

Air Technology is an engineering consultancy, helping clients all over the world to improve the efficiency of pressurised air systems. diffuCLEAR is, therefore, backed up by full validation and certification of results so users can prove energy reductions and validate savings.

Without any interruption to plant operation, special insertion flowmeters are introduced into the pressurised pipeline, flow rates measured and recorded along with blower pressures before the diffuCLEAR treatment commences and after completion. The chemicals are introduced in a closely controlled, atomised mist that travels through the pipe and go to work on the biofilm and scaling that obstruct airflow through the diffusers.

The results can be striking. In the post-treatment assessment, immediate increases in flow rate of more than 75% have been achieved. Over subsequent weeks, as the diffusers continue to clear, the blower pressures required to hit target flow rates will continue to reduce, leading to substantial energy savings, achievement of DO levels and improved compliance to discharge targets.

A ‘dirty’ diffuser will tend to produce larger, less effective bubbles, further increasing the energy required to achieve target DO. diffuCLEAR allows the diffuser array to produce bubbles at their design efficiency, further enhancing the operation of the process.

diffuCLEAR uses mobile equipment designed specifically for the application so there is minimum disruption to site operations.