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Case Study

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Compressed Air

IEEP Myanmar

IEEP Myanmar

IEEP Myanmar


Compressed Air



Press Enquiries

Ian Moore

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United Nations Industrial Development Organisation

Air Technology are proud to have been selected by UNIDO as expert consultants to the Industrial Energy Efficiency Programme (IEEP) on Compressed Air Systems Optimisation (CASO).

We have been working together since 2015 and have successfully delivered training in Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar.

Here is our Ian Moore on site in Philippines International Energy Optimisation for UNIDO / Twitter (link)

Recent events have curtailed our work with our local partners in Myanmar, but the local project team have continued working with local industry and have had some recent successes.

The IEEMyanmar have developed a Case Study based on continued work at one factory.

During the initial visit we noted a number of very common issues in compressed air systems.

Control interaction

Here two of the site compressors are observed toload/unload at the same time - this is very common and can berectified with careful selection of operating setpoints.

High levels of System Leakage

The chart shows the compressor running cycles both inprodution and out of production.

The leakages levels were found to be over 75% of the mean demand.

Local isolation of machines and a leak reduction programme involving staff training was implemented toreduce this.

Distribution bottlenecks

The green trace here shows the system pressure in the main feeding lines. The blue trace shows the local pressure at one of the end users.

The large pressure drops were caused by restrictive pipework which was relatively easy tofix once the issue was identified.

During the last 18months the local project team have worked closely with the factory delivering further training and implementing recommendations from the inital site visit and report. They have produced a case study

Thanks go to the factory for their hospitality and allowing us to use their facilities during the training

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