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Aeration Upgrade - East Midlands

Aeration Upgrade - East Midlands

Aeration Upgrade - East Midlands




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Nigel Goerick

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The client asked us to look into why the site kWh/PE ratio was so high. Our work highlighted the very poor oxygen transfer from the old surface aerators.

Surface Aerators

To improve oxygen transfer efficiency, and therefore overall process efficiency we recommended the installation of Fine-Bubble Diffused Aeration (FBDA). This involved the phased removal of the old surface aerators, installation of aeration blowers and associated VSDs, diffuser grids, and a new control system.

Following our tender analysis the client chose the most suitable option.

We were chosen as Principal Designer and Principal Contractor for the aeration improvemend project. due to our in depth knowledge of all aspects of the work required.

Blowers in place - Diffuser grids being installed

Site treatment was maintained during the phased upgrade programme

Diffuser grids in place and aerating efficiently

Following the succesful installation of the elements and hand over of he completed project a validation survey was performed to determine the project benefits. We found:

- Process much improved (better process control)

- Environmental conditions improved (no aerosols generated by surface aerators)

- Reduced noise levels

- ROI - under 5 years

- Energy Savings aroundf £64K annually

- Reductiong in Maintenance requirements

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